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By Suter Orthodontics
December 19, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Straightening your teeth is an important part of improving the overall appearance of your smile. However, orthodontic treatment does bracesmore than just change your look. Braces can help the health of your whole smile. Learn more about orthodontic treatment with Dr. Scott Suter at Suter Orthodontics in Colorado Springs, CO.

How can braces help me? 
Braces are suitable for patients ages 12 and older who have a strong at-home oral care routine and wish to improve the appearance of their smile. Most patients will wear braces from one to two years on average. Braces can treat many orthodontic problems, including:

  • overcrowded teeth
  • under crowded teeth
  • overbite
  • underbite
  • cross bite
  • open bite
  • misaligned teeth

Orthodontics can overhaul your smile completely to give you a brand new look. This new look can give you the confidence boost you have always wanted to make face-to-face interactions more enjoyable and leave you looking and feeling great.

How do braces help my smile’s health? 
Braces help straighten your smile and realign your bite. This makes chewing, eating and speaking more effective and less difficult. It also cuts down on potential jaw pain-related issues like TMJ disorder which causes jaw pain and discomfort. Additionally, aligning the teeth properly eliminates crowding issues which could make it hard to reach all areas of the tooth with a toothbrush and floss. Straight teeth are easier to keep plaque and bacteria off of.

Orthodontic Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO 
Dr. Suter can achieve orthodontic treatment through several options. Traditional metal braces and ceramic tooth-colored braces can effectively straighten your smile and correct your bite. A consultation with Dr. Suter can help you determine which option is best for you.

For more information on orthodontic treatment, please contact Dr. Suter at Suter Orthodontics in Colorado Springs, CO. Call (719) 550-0222 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Suter today!