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By Suter Orthodontics
August 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Flossing becomes a little trickier when you wear braces. Fortunately, a few simple changes to your technique can make the process a little easier. If you're still having trouble, your Colorado Springs CO orthodontist, Dr. Scott Suter, can give you a few pointers during your next visit to the orthodontics office.

Flossing tips

Flossing is particularly important if you're undergoing orthodontic treatment. Food and plaque can collect under brace wires and around brackets, increasing your risk of tooth decay. Flossing also helps you maintain your appearance. The last thing you'll want to do is carry on an entire conversation with your friends with food stuck under your wires.

A floss threader makes it easy to get the floss under your wires. It's recommended by your Colorado Springs orthodontics expert. The plastic threaders, sold at many Colorado Springs stores, work the same way as a needle and thread. You'll thread the floss through the looped eye of the device and use the longer portion to push the floss under your wires.

As you pass the threader under your wires, use gentle pressure to clean your teeth and wires. After you've used all the floss, add a new length of floss, and repeat the process until you've flossed your entire mouth. Be sure to floss between teeth too. Ignoring the tight spaces between teeth may mean you'll develop a painful cavity.

Other devices, such as platypus flossers and Superfloss can also be helpful. Superfloss is a length of floss that contains a stiffer end that makes it easier to pass the floss under your wires. A platypus flosser looks like a fork with two widely spaced tines. A short section of floss extends between the tines. When you floss, one tine is placed in the front of your tooth under the wire and the other is placed at the back of your tooth.

Water flossers offer another option

Water flossers clean teeth with a steady stream of water. Although the water is forceful enough to dislodge plaque, it won't damage your wires or brackets. Water flossers are expensive initially, but you probably won't have to replace the unit for several years.

Orthodontics offers smile-changing benefits! Call your orthodontist in Colorado Springs CO, Dr. Scott Suter, at (719) 550-0222 to schedule your appointment.