By Suter Orthodontics
April 05, 2016
Category: Braces
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Why retainers are important

You’ve worn braces for quite a few months and now you have a beautiful, straight smile. Your orthodontist hands you a removable retainersappliance to wear called a retainer. You’re wondering just how important it is to wear it; after all, your teeth are straight now, right? The truth is, if you don’t wear it as prescribed, there is a fair chance your teeth will move back into poor alignment. You can wind up in the same shape you were in before braces. Dr. Scott Suter of Suter Orthodontics in Colorado Springs, Colorado wants to stress just how important it is to wear your retainer.

You need to wear your retainer according to Dr. Suter’s instructions to keep your teeth from shifting back to their previous positions, but retainers can help with other issues too, including:

  • Difficulties with speech by adjusting tongue placement
  • Breathing problems while sleeping, and snoring
  • Closing gaps in between your teeth
  • Moving just one or two teeth
  • TMJ problems, grinding or clenching
  • Tongue thrust
  • Oral hygiene, by keeping your teeth straight and easier to floss

Wearing your retainer also ensures better chewing ability because straight teeth and jaw alignment help you chew better, which aids in digestion and your overall health.

Dr. Suter will typically recommend wearing your retainer all the time at first, even while you are sleeping. He may ask you to remove it if you play sports or engage in physical activity. After a few months, Dr. Suter may suggest you can cut down to wearing it a few times per week. Eventually, you may only have to wear your retainer at night.

Wearing your retainer needs to become a habit, and that may take some time, but the results are certainly worth the effort. Make wearing your retainer a part of your daily routine by incorporating it as part of your oral hygiene regimen; brush, floss, and then put in your retainer.

The most common problem with retainers is that they are very easy to lose. If they are placed in a napkin when you eat, and the napkin gets thrown away, your retainer goes with it. Remember to always bring your retainer case and place your retainer in the case and nowhere else where it can be accidentally thrown away.

Wearing your retainer is just as important as going through orthodontics in the first place. You don’t want all those months of wearing braces to be for nothing, so you simply must wear your retainer as Dr. Suter prescribes. If you have more questions about retainers don’t hesitate to call Dr. Scott Suter of Suter Orthodontics in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call today to find out more!