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By Suter Orthodontics
September 16, 2014
Category: Oral Health

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Retainer

Dental Care

After your braces are taken off, retainers become a regular part of your day. Dr. Scott Suter wants Colorado Springs patients to know the proper care of your retainer. Retainers are delicate, as well as costly. Taking proper care and maintenance of your retainer can save you a lot of headache and most importantly, money.

Simple Guidelines to Care for Your Retainer

  1. Always store your retainer in the case given by our office. Never put it in your pocket, wrap it in a napkin. This can lead to a broken retainer, or if wrapped in a napkin, it can easily get thrown away.
  2. Remove your retainer while eating.
  3. Always wear your retainer as much as Dr. Suter recommends.
  4. Remove your retainer when brushing your teeth.
  5. Clean your retainer daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Make sure you brush the side of the retainer that comes in contact with your gums. If you fail to clean your retainer well, there can be damage to your gums and teeth. Soaking your retainer in mouthwash for a few minutes is also a good idea.
  6. Do not flip the retainer around with your tongue. This could damage the retainer and also your teeth.
  7. Make sure you use your fingers to place the retainer on your teeth. If you bite the retainer into place, it will eventually get damaged or broken.
  8. It is recommended that the retainer be removed for various sports activities. Make sure you place the retainer in the case in a safe place, and replace the retainer when the activity is done.
  9. Retainers are made of acrylic, which is sensitive to heat. Do not put your retainer in the dishwasher. Do not boil it or leave it in a hot car.
  10. Keep your retainer away from pets. Pets will chew on the retainer and break it. Put the retainer in the case.
  11. Bring your retainer to your dental appointment for inspection.

Call Dr. Scott Suter Today!

If your retainer would happen to break, it is important to call us right away so we can get it fixed of replaced. If you follow the guidelines above, you should have a long lasting retainer to use. Call your Colorado Springs orthodontist at (719) 550-0222 for more information regarding retainers. Share guidlines you follow when taking care of your retainer!
By Orthodontics for Children and Adults
February 24, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Orthodontist colorado springs COFor every profession, there are different educational steps to take. In healthcare, doctors spend many years learning and practicing in their areas of expertise. In Colorado Springs, Dr. Scott Suter has also taken the required educational and practical steps to provide top-notch orthodontic treatment. The path to becoming an orthodontist involves three steps: college, dental school and an accredited orthodontic residency program. Let’s take a glimpse at Dr. Suter’s educational checklist!

Dr. Suter’s orthodontic education

  • College: Colorado State University–Bachelor of Science degree
  • Dental School: University of Missouri–Kansas City
  • Accredited Orthodontic Program: St. Louis University

Dentist vs. orthodontist: where should you go?

If you have a malocclusion, the person you need to see is an orthodontist. While some dentist offices (general dentists) offer/promote orthodontic devices, such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect, they haven’t gone through the same courses and training as an orthodontist, who practices solely with orthodontic treatments that involve the use of metal braces, clear braces, palatal expanders, growth modification appliances, space maintainers, and invisible retainers.  Colorado Springs residents go to Suter Orthodontics for their beautiful smiles at an affordable price.
If you have any questions regarding your Colorado Springs orthodontist, patients can call (719) 550-0222. Also, check out Dr. Suter’s Facebook page for the latest in contests and give-a-ways!
Most people think they could never feel confident while wearing braces, but modern orthodonticclear braces treatment puts that thought to rest. The advantage of getting clear braces is the fact that your orthodontia is barely noticeable, and you will be thankful for the final results. It takes some time for teeth to shift into their proper place, but they will get there. Different teeth call for different wear time, but there are two things braces wearers can agree on when it comes to clear braces.

Always photogenic

With clear braces, you will always be ready for pictures. Photos with friends and family won’t be a time of insecurity but something to truly smile about. Clear braces are tooth-colored, so you will notice that they easily blend in with your teeth. Preteens, teens and adults can all discreetly correct their smiles.

Better results without the hassle

For moderate to severe malocclusion cases, traditional and clear braces can get your teeth as straight as they can get. Invisalign and other plastic aligners aren’t meant to fix vertical problems or severely rotated teeth; thus, you might still have bite issues after treatment is over. Trust clear and, invisible braces in Colorado Springs, to do the best job possible.
With clear braces, you don’t have to worry about the hassle. At Scott Suter D.D.S., M.S., P.C., Dr. Suter manages all of your orthodontic needs. You just need to sit back in the dental chair and let Dr. Suter track your treatment. Plus, clear braces are always attached to your teeth, so you don’t run the risk of losing them like aligners. Clear braces, in Colorado Springs, are the clear alternative to traditional braces, and they boast some of the best results!