It’s a new year, brimming with new hopes and dreams, new goals and possibilities, and new challenges and decisions to make. Why not make a plan for a new smile? Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and it’s always an opportune time to make your dental health a priority. Whether you want to elevate your smile to make a great first impression for that new job interview, special event, or just because it’s what you’ve been wanting for yourself, let’s talk about how to get a new smile in the new year!
There have never been so many options available to help you make your smile the smile you desire. The first step is to think about what you hope to achieve. How do you want to elevate your beautiful smile?


There are many different ways you can whiten your teeth. Over the counter whitening toothpastes, strips and gels are available on the shelves of most drug stores and pharmacies. There are also professional whitening treatments that your dentist can administer. All the options each have their own pros and cons. It’s important to talk to your dentist before trying a new product because some at home whitening products or kits can cause added sensitivity or even damage your teeth.


The top two most popular appliances to straighten teeth are traditional braces and invisalign. They are both great choices to consider when asking how to get a new smile in the new year, but they also have some pros and cons to each.

Metal braces are the more traditional approach to teeth straightening and have a very high proven effectiveness rating. Many technological advances and improvements have been made in recent years to make the patient’s experience better and easier. The profiles are slimmer, the materials are smoother, and digital imaging and modeling has given orthodontists even more tools to ensure you get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Invisalign clear plastic aligners are a much newer option than metal braces and have the advantage of being nearly invisible as well as removable. This means that there are no restrictions to what you can eat while undergoing treatment to straighten your teeth, since you simply take the aligner out before eating! However, there are a few drawbacks. A removable appliance also equals the possibility of losing the appliance. Invisalign aligners also need to be worn 22 hours a day so their effectiveness is more dependent on patient compliance than traditional options.

Veneers or Implants

If you’d like to change something beyond the color or alignment of your teeth, there are options for that too! Talk to your dentist about what you’d like to achieve and ask what options are available to create the appearance and functionality you desire. You may be surprised by what you can achieve when you ask how to get a new smile in the new year!

It’s All Up to You!

The choice is yours, and few things are more exciting than that! You may have been considering some of these options and just haven’t made the decision yet. Talking to your dentist about how to get a new smile may just surprise you in a wonderful way.

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